Activities & Services

COSIA organises a range of activities to promote the development of the MSME sector in India.

1. Meets & Conferences

COSIA regularly organises Meets and Conferences for solidarity and to deliberate on MSME Issues. Some of the major Conferences include:

Western India MSME Meet-2007

Southern India MSME Meet -2008

Eastern India MSME Meet - 2009

North East India MSME Meet - 2010

COSIA also organises State Conferences and meetings of entrepreneurs at various Industrial Centers throughout the country, from time to time.

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2. Spot Interaction & Tours

Every year the President and other office bearers of COSIA Tour the Industrial towns in different States for an interaction with Local MSMEs, Govt. Officers, Bankers, MLA & MPS, Press and Media over there.

Through such Tours, COSIA aims at Clusters Development, Vendor Development, strengthening of Local MSME Associations and motivating the MSMEs for capacity building.

3. North East India Task Force

COSIA-NESSIA North East India Task Force is in operation to deal with MSME Issues and Clusters Development at North East India since the year 2010.

4. Industrial Exhibitions

To showcase the capacities of MSMEs and for the trade development, Industrial Exhibitions alongwith Marketing Conferences are being organized by COSIA at appropriate intervals.

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5.International Business Trips

COSIA's international has regularly organized industrial trips to promote exports to China and Senegal in the last few years.

These trips have resulted in commencement of joint ventures and units in China by few COSIA Members. Such business trips are being organized at regular intervals.

6. Publications

To keep the MSME sector abreast with the latest developments in the MSME sector.

TISA Magazine:

Every month TISA (Torch of Indian Smallindustry Associations) is circulated to update the MSMEs and other Stakeholders on Industrial & Economic subjects, Laws, Rules, Policies, Reports and so on. Subjectwise Special Issues are also published every year.

TISA Magazine Issues

TISA Magazine Articles

MSME Compendium:

Covering MSME Policies of each State alongwith related information is in pipeline.

7. E-Circulars

To update the Members on various subjects and particularly on the changes in Govt. Policies, Laws & Rules, E-circulars are issued from time to time.

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To promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the MSME Sector

1. COSIA Entrepreneurship Appreciation Award: For budding Entrepreneurs. (Since 2008-2009)

2. COSIA Adarsh Entrepreneur Award: To promote the business with moral values and bribeless in MSME Sector. (Since 2009-2010)

3. S. T. Taskar Award: In association with Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, of Rs. 50,000/- to an entrepreneur in MSE [Manufacture] for an innovative product. (Since 2011-2012)

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9. Memorial Lecture

COSIA Memorial Lecture is a yearly activity, to pay the respects to the fond memories of Ex. Hon. General Secretary, Shri. M. P. Kulkarni, organised in association with Ashida Bahu Trust. (Since 2011])

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