COSIA Awards

To recognise and encourage innovation and ethical conduct among entrepreneurs in the MSME sector.

COSIA Adarsh Entrepreneur Award

Running an industry in the MSME Sector with high moral values and without involving in malpractices is indeed a tough job. This requires a Himalayan determination, a very clean and transparent behavior along with a very high respect for moral values in life. To honour such exemplary role models, COSIA instituted the Adarsh Entrepreneur Award in the year 2010-11.

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COSIA Adarsh Entrepreneur Award - 2013

COSIA Adarsh Entrepreneur Award - 2011

COSIA Adarsh Entrepreneur Award - 2010

COSIA-MVP S.T. Taskar Award

To promote innovation in MSMEs, COSIA along with Marathi Vidnyan Parishad (MVP) has instituted the S.T. Taskar Innovative Entrepreneurship Award for Micro and Small Enterprises. It awards entrepreneurs who have invented and adopted an innovative scientific process in manufacture, which has resulted in economy and efficiency, and has added to the utility of the product in general.

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COSIA-MVP S.T. Taskar Award - 2013

COSIA-MVP S.T. Taskar Award - 2012

Institution of MVP COSIA - ST Taskar Awards